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Name: Hannah
Nickname: Pumpkinskittles
Age 30
State: South Carolina
Zip: 29921
City: Furman
Interest: Find dating free
I am a musician and recording engineer, i play guitar, love going to shows and taking road trips, i am just getting over a back injury and am looking forward to being more active
Name: Janice
Nickname: Masculinecookie
Age 30
State: Indiana
Zip: 47923
City: Brookston
Interest: Sexy women
5'7'' 167 pounds... white... athletic build... brown hair ... blue or green or grey eyes... love to have fun.. drinking is fun... just go nuts
Name: Alexis
Nickname: Racyforest
Age 30
State: West Virginia
Zip: 25540
City: Midkiff
Interest: Female escorts
Just a man looking for a little more luvin than im getting in my present relationship. if you understand, lets get together and see what happens.
Name: Doris
Nickname: Naturalmarshmallow
Age 30
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 19044
City: Horsham
Interest: Sex date
Available, divorced, handsome, professional, trustworthy, confident, outgoing and outdoor loving man who would like to meet a likeminded woman for whatever evolves from a first meeting. that what this site is for.
Name: Jennifer
Nickname: Tooshiepuppy
Age 30
State: West Virginia
Zip: 25431
City: Levels
Interest: No strings attached sex
I'm 5"5 150lb. average body, dirty blond hair, and the most beautiful blue eyes you will ever see. i'm a little shy at first but when you get to know me i am a type of person that you can get along with ... don't like me so far don't bother talking to me.
Name: Helen
Nickname: Lusciousbutton
Age 30
State: Indiana
Zip: 46543
City: Millersburg
Interest: Lonely women
Ummm im funny nice sweet love to have sex and all the dirty stuff
Name: Karen
Nickname: Sexypiehurricane
Age 30
State: Oklahoma
Zip: 74741
City: Hendrix
Interest: Attractive girls
5'1" brown hair, brown eyes, 36, 24, 36 messurements, athletic body
Name: Denise
Nickname: Tartbutterfly
Age 30
State: Idaho
Zip: 83525
City: Dixie
Interest: Adult videos
23 yo bbw .. blonde, green eyes ... 5'3 ... recently lost 135 lbs & ready to have some fun!
Name: Barbara
Nickname: Snickercheescake
Age 30
State: California
Zip: 95450
City: Jenner
Interest: Girls for sex dates
I have blue eyes light brown hair average body and i am 5 ft
Name: Carolyn
Nickname: Unbelievablemuse
Age 30
State: California
Zip: 95528
City: Carlotta
Interest: Horny meeting
I am a single man and i am very uninhibited and open for adventure. one on one, threesome, group, it's all good and comes better. i will try anything twice. i prefer to see multiple photos so i know ... if you are gusher, that's a big bonus for me.
Name: Laura
Nickname: Devotedtiger
Age 30
State: Michigan
Zip: 48853
City: Maple Rapids
Interest: Discreet sex affair
Phisically you will not be disappointed: guaranteed! i speek 3 languages (and know how to use my tongue very well) and enjoy talking about anything .... moreover, after having as much sex as you can ... we can chat for as many hours as you want.
Name: Linda
Nickname: Titillatingpet
Age 30
State: Connecticut
Zip: 6705
City: Waterbury
Interest: Women escort
I’m the kind of girl who gets along with just about everyone. i have tons of friends. but when it comes to finding a man, i literally suck.
Name: Laura
Nickname: Yummyfudge
Age 30
State: Texas
Zip: 79546
City: Rotan
Interest: Sex hookup
5'6'' 135pds dark complexion, brown eyes/hair, 7 inch dick, yea... .we can talk about other stuff lets just keep it at htat for now haha.
Name: Lisa
Nickname: Athleticmoon
Age 30
State: New York
Zip: 13809
City: Mount Upton
Interest: Find girls for hookup
I am the type of girl you wouldn't get bored will. i'm always tempted to try experiments even if they're wild. i'm straightforward and not afraid of demanding what i want from a guy.
Name: Linda
Nickname: Virilepumpkin
Age 30
State: Minnesota
Zip: 55124
City: Apple Valley
Interest: Dating free
Lay back guy who can afford retirement, early. wanting a young guy who desires being satisfied and cared for. not the type who pries into your life. a casual and carefree relationship without any "strings."