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Name: Rachel
Nickname: Smileyemerald
Age 26
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 17763
City: Ralston
Interest: Meet females for sex
Many have mentioned that they were the best in bed and to my knowledge they didn't last an hour. come on guys , i need someone to keep up with me.
Name: Melissa
Nickname: Passionatecake
Age 40
State: Oregon
Zip: 97132
City: Newberg
Interest: Meet females for sex
I'm a rare diamond that you'll only find in the rough after searching for such a long time. i'll have you weak in the knees before you can tell me your name! yeah i'm that good, but don't just take my word for it, try me.
Name: Andrea
Nickname: Hardbonfire
Age 36
State: District of Columbia
Zip: 20037
City: Washington
Interest: Meet females for sex
Professional, successful, attractive, average height and in good shape but attached and looking for adventure. not a player or serial cheater but would hope for the chance at something we can share.
Name: Megan
Nickname: Wildeverything
Age 31
State: Illinois
Zip: 61376
City: Normandy
Interest: Meet females for sex
Just a horny dude looking for some cute girl to hop on my dick like a bunny. cut the bullshit, and lets do what we came here for.
Name: Doris
Nickname: Livelyrose
Age 36
State: California
Zip: 95987
City: Williams
Interest: Meet females for sex
I am extremely easy going. i love to laugh 80% of the time i have on this earth. i share my laughs with my family and friends, they mean the world to me and i guess you can say i owe a lot to them. i am ... listening intently in a conversation. hmu you wont regret it.
Name: Julie
Nickname: Bubblysea of flames
Age 20
State: Virginia
Zip: 23022
City: Bremo Bluff
Interest: Meet females for sex
Retired engineer, have home in south florida. i love classic rock, movies and "some" old tv shows. i like sports, i play softball, some tennis, some golf and i enjoy going to marlins games.
Name: Catherine
Nickname: Sweetheartglitter
Age 27
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 18077
City: Riegelsville
Interest: Meet females for sex
I'm an adrenaline junkie who finds refuge in humor (especially sarcasm) and realism. a dollar amount can't be placed on a good, ice cold beer. i am equally comfortable indoors as out. i like getting lost ... that which is around them, their life is a waste.
Name: Amy
Nickname: Ebonygirl
Age 38
State: Florida
Zip: 33177
City: Quail Heights
Interest: Meet females for sex
Hispanic male play sports like to have fun especially with the hot ladiez in any way. i liike to party, outgoing, and sexy face with a nice body so sexy ladiez hit me up
Name: Katherine
Nickname: Wigglepie
Age 29
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 16245
City: Oak Ridge
Interest: Meet females for sex
For the most part i am looking for something casual but i am not opposed to a long-term relationship. i do not, however, want to get married or have kids, i see no point in lying about that. for anyone ... me if you want to get to know me better.
Name: Elizabeth
Nickname: Lavaglitter
Age 33
State: California
Zip: 94954
City: Petaluma
Interest: Meet females for sex
I am for the most part fit, i like to work out, just looking for some fun...
Name: Amber
Nickname: Lusciouscraving
Age 33
State: Texas
Zip: 77382
City: Spring
Interest: Meet females for sex
I'm a very open guy looking for some adult fun, something i have missed for years. i consider myself a 1/2 full glass peson and l always enjoy laughing.