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Name: Pamela
Nickname: Elusivediamond
Age 22
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72335
City: Forrest City
Interest: Sexy girls oklahoma
I am a college student trying things out and i want to see what this site is all about
Name: Evelyn
Nickname: Littlebuns
Age 21
State: Arkansas
Zip: 71640
City: Eudora
Interest: Natural big breasts
5'9 latino 24yrs old live orange county. looking 4 booty call only. well looking 4 a smooth pussy 2 lick n a pair of lips that sucks dick really good. i would not mind licking both holes. lets fuck until ... me.oh and my cock is 8"+ just some extra info.
Name: Kayla
Nickname: Comfyenigma
Age 21
State: Arkansas
Zip: 71747
City: Huttig
Interest: Big titties
Chocolate skin, black hair to the shoulders, and ready to experiment new things.
Name: Shirley
Nickname: Masculinehappiness
Age 26
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72444
City: Maynard
Interest: Nude models
I am a submissive male that seeks to be controled.. loves bdsm, dressing up a little, anal... just about anything with that lifestyle!!!
Name: Nancy
Nickname: Hotdimple
Age 22
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72680
City: Newnata
Interest: Women who want sex
I'm tall, very thin, caucasian, with long hair. i have small breasts, curvy hips, and ultra-long legs. i am intelligent and educated. i am bisexual, and i am attracted to aggressive men and to submissive women.
Name: Nicole
Nickname: Elusivehope
Age 36
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72571
City: Rosie
Interest: Looking to fuck
I am pretty down to earth. i'm not like a sexual freak, but i consider myself a very sexual person. i'm not looking for anything more than sex or just messing around.
Name: Helen
Nickname: Masculinesweetums
Age 25
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72826
City: Blue Mountain
Interest: Free adult personals
I am just an ordanary person looking to break out of my shell and explore new horizons. i like music movies and just chilling out. i also enjoy going to the bar and playing pool.
Name: Beverly
Nickname: Sexuallego
Age 36
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72130
City: Prim
Interest: Dating women
Iam a 22 year old college student thats is so sweet and sexy,very smart aswell as have agreat body im 5"3 121 pounds yea a real hottie.i like me so you will like me to.
Name: Catherine
Nickname: Elusivecutesie
Age 25
State: Arkansas
Zip: 71972
City: Vandervoort
Interest: Hookup dating
I am 28 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, i am a high school graduate and am working a full-time job,(tell you later), i am straight and would like to find someone who likes the same things i do or somewhat ... to the pussy, then rub it all over their body.
Name: Sara
Nickname: Whimsicalvalentine
Age 30
State: Arkansas
Zip: 71758
City: Mount Holly
Interest: Hookup tonight
Sexy mature man who seems to need it all the time. looking for sexy, mature woman who is like minded.
Name: Angela
Nickname: Wackylace
Age 28
State: Arkansas
Zip: 38041
City: Fort Pillow
Interest: Adult friend
I am not the best looking, i have been told by several i am very good at oral. which is good since the best part of sex for me is giving woman oral pleasure.
Name: Shirley
Nickname: Tartcheese
Age 40
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72023
City: Cabot
Interest: Looking for a good fuck
I have an easy going personality and i am very ambitious causing me to typically work 60+ hours a week. i exercise 3-4 times a week by playing soccer, hockey and basketball.
Name: Donna
Nickname: Whimsicalknight
Age 32
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72830
City: Clarksville
Interest: Adult sex
I'm pretty much down to earth kinda guy, i like the usual guy stuff, cars,boats,bikes and of course i can't forget the ladies ( i think that's why i'm here ) lol. i'm smart( i know a whole bunch of usless ... squeel with deee-lite ), what more could you want ???
Name: Patricia
Nickname: Idealchick
Age 38
State: Arkansas
Zip: 71838
City: Fulton
Interest: Dating nude females
Im a dominant male and im into alot of things just if you got questions ask.
Name: Natalie
Nickname: Lusciouspuddin
Age 25
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72329
City: Driver
Interest: Girls getting it on
Im a guy lookng for a great time and im open to try new things