Rhode island Big casual sex

Name: Jennifer
Nickname: Darlingmachine
Age 36
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2864
City: Cumberland
Interest: Discreet sex
26/m 5'9" 140 lbs athletic. good sense of humor. like to drink hang out and have a good time.
Name: Mary
Nickname: Gorgeousstunner
Age 35
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2832
City: Richmond
Interest: Free sex from women
I am 6'1, dirty blonde hair, i have been a swimmer/water polo player nearly my entire life
Name: Amber
Nickname: Rainbowvalentine
Age 26
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2871
City: Portsmouth
Interest: Busty women personals
Basically, im in the military and get sent to the war pretty often, for pretty long stretches. when i am stateside, my job is extremely physically and emotionally draining, and i usually work 6 days a ... on it. im not a jerk or dishonest, just realistic.
Name: Carolyn
Nickname: Ticklishewok
Age 27
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2875
City: Shannock
Interest: Horny women who loves sex
I love to get laid. it's a past time of mine. everytime i do have sex i wear a condom so no diseases here.
Name: Emily
Nickname: Sweetmuffin
Age 39
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2857
City: North Scituate
Interest: Lonely girl
45 years old white male divorced professional engineer 5' 10" 195 lb brown hair green eyes non-smoker, social drinker i love sports. i am a competion junkie, but consider myself a very good sport ... mention golf? i love animals, especially dogs and horses.
Name: Kelly
Nickname: Fantasymelon
Age 38
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2875
City: Shannock
Interest: Hookers
Iam 6'4 iam 215 pounds ,green eyes,brown hair,gotta a fade,athletic body,outgoing,loud,romantic,
Name: Jessica
Nickname: Poochiesunshine
Age 33
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2865
City: Lincoln
Interest: Shemale escort
I am 6ft. in shape (no belly) and workout at gold's gym regularly. love dancing, music, travel, fine dinning and can wear leathers when on my harley or a tux while in my custom sports car. can drink shots ... i will answer any questions you may have, jess
Name: Deborah
Nickname: Inspiringboo
Age 39
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2903
City: Providence
Interest: Women looking for casual sex
I'm just a 20 year old college student having a lot of fun and living life to the fullest.
Name: Maria
Nickname: Wigglelove
Age 34
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 2835
City: Jamestown
Interest: Search for horny women
I am not very good looking, but i have a big heart, as you will hopefully foind out. i love to cook, the outdoors, classic cars, firearms, and long walks with a partner by my side. i am on disability ... so don't ask for money, cause i con't have it.